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Monday, August 27, 2012


I am thinking of ways to jazz up review time. can get so boring and tiresome.  I myself get bored of singing the same songs over and over.

Saw this on a blog and morphed it as I didn't want to bring in brownies for all 150 of my primary kids.  Not to mention, I think that would be a big NO NO with the presidency.  However, I did get permission to bring in small treats.  So what to replace brownies?  UM STARBURSTS.

How do you become a primary singing super star?  Well there is a recipe of course.  So you have an apron, and a table with ingredients.  You can have the kids add things like sugar, glitter, words of scritpures, volume, ect...  The ingredients could be real or fake or a combination of real and fake.  Each ingredient is a song and it will have a component they need to work on for that one.  Like for volume, choose the program song they need a little more umph in, or for sugar, the song that needs to sound sweet, ect!  At the end, you pull out your cookie sheet of bright star burst. They each get a piece of candy at the end. 

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