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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Going On A Bunny Hunt

So here is a version of I SPY.  I got these funny glasses at the Target $1-sot. I will wear a pair and the other I will give to the helper I choose. I will pick a helper and then we will go on a bunny hunt. I will have all my bunnies stuck around the room. I will start describing the bunny in question and my helper will go find it.  The bunnies each have some directions on it.  Some are songs, some are ways to sing songs.  The song ones are straight forward: sing the songs to do with spring.  The others are going to be used to help us sing and review program songs we have learned in the past 3 months along with the article of faith songs we've been learning. 

There are 6 Bunnies:

Once There Was Tulip (sung to Once There Was A Snowman)
Happy Song (using props from a previous post)
Half Sing, Half Hum (Stand For The Right -March's Song)
Stand And Face The Back Of The Room (Choose The Right)
Article of Faith #8,#9, #10 ( Girls Sing, Boys OOOOOO then flip flop)
Teachers Sing (pick a song for them to sing)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Egg-Toss Review (Choose The Right)

Well my ward had a highly irregular February and we only attended two Sundays due to conferences and what not.  So we are still learning the verses of CHOOSE THE RIGHT, which is no easy feat for those little sunbeams. But they are real champs and have come a long ways.  Since this month's song is STAND FOR THE RIGHT, a song they know well from last year's program, I am spending very little time on it. 

For this game, I have 3 Easter buckets.  They will be place at different lengths on the floor.  One is worth 5, one worth 10 and the other worth 20.  We will be singing Choose The Right over and over, which by the way, really makes me insane.  I really dislike singing a song over and over again, beating it to death, but I figure this was a good week to review.  And they haven't really been tested on this yet. 

I will have the pianist play and then stop whenever she wants.  Then I will ask who knows the next word if we were to continue singing.  If someone gets it, they get to come up and try for the egg toss.  They can choose the easy basket at 5 points or go the distance with the the 20 pointer.  If they make the basket (using a plastic Easter egg), I will give them their egg medal that says EGG-CELLENT!  We will then continue singing and the pianist will stop at a new place and we will do it over and over until we have sung the song multiple times. 

This idea of course could be used any time, and it doesn't have to be an egg, it could be a bean bag or whatever matches a particular holiday or season.  I also thought that I could make a bunch of those funny little medals and give them out to kids that I think are singing really well.  I could walk around the room and listen and that is when I think those kids try their hardest because they know I am watching and listening.

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Pizza Wheel

This is another one of my sister, Kirstin's, brilliant ideas.  This is made by using two poster boards.  Cut into two graduating circles and fasten with a brad.  The top circle spins and the open slice reveals how the song is sung.  This is just another prop to bring out if the natives are restless and you need to jazz up a song in a hurry.  The options on the pizza are:

Teachers Only
Stand and Face the back of the Room
Hum Only
Girls Sing
Boys Sing
Clap the beat

You can choose any options you want to go on your pizza.  This is a fun one!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Easter Time Singing Con-"EGG"-tration

So this game is played like the standard CONCENTRATION game. I have 16 eggs.  Each has a twin.  One side is a pattern with a song on it.  The other side has a number.  I will put magnets on these so they can just stick on the chalk board.  If the kids make a match, they sing that song.  They keep trying until all the matches are made.

1.  January's song (use the song you taught in January)
2.  February's song (use the song you taught in February)
3.  Song of the month (the current song you are teaching)
4.  Popcorn popping
5.  In The Leafy Tree Tops
6.  Happy Song
7.  Jesus Wants Me For a Sun Beam
8.  Once There Was A Tulip (to the tune of Snowman-see previous post!)

He Is Risen Eggs

So I made and laminated these eggs using the color swatches you get at a paint store.  I just printed out the letters on my computer in a block font and cut them out.  They all have a magnet on the back so they can stick to the chalk board.  Some eggs have songs and some have a question about about Easter.  There are a few ways to use these eggs.  The first is just a an "egg scramble" where you could have the eggs up on the board in mixed order and have a helper come pick and egg, see if there is a song on the back and then try to place it.  It might be best in this situation to do the dash marks in chalk under it so the kiddos know there are 3 words and have a reference to where they put them.  This would be challenging for the seniors as they decode the Easter message. 

I do no think my juniors are up for reading and spelling out the sentence, so I did a spin on this decoding for them using colors verses words.  I have a secondary set of eggs without the letters on them that correspond to the same colors as the ones with the letters.  I will put these on the board in order so they know there are 3 words here.

Then they have to hunt for the egg that matches and when they find the matching egg, we will replace the plain egg with the one with the letter on it, finally creating the message.

The songs on the back of the eggs are:

What is your favorite part of Easter?
How do you know Jesus love you?
Why do you think we celebrate Easter?
Who was in the tomb when the rock was rolled away?