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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Primary Idol

I know this idea has been posted a lot in blogland so forgive me if you are thinking...NOT AGAIN!  But as usual, I took someone else's vision and morphed it into something I feel will work for me.  Perhaps you can do the same!  I found the graphics from a computer savvy chorister on another blog and snatched them up.  I did a little spin on this idea to make it more simple for me.  Since American Idol is in full swing right now, I thought it would be fun to use this for the senior primary as a way to review the songs and verses we have learned so far.  So what I did is that I just copied the graphic twice and laminated it. I will just stick it to the back of two chairs that I will place in front of the audience in our primary room (judges panel chairs). I will then pick a helper from our stick can.  That person gets to come up as a judge (which is a spin on using teachers or outside guests to come in and judge- they will judge themselves instead).  The helper will pick another person to help judge and that person will come forward (could be a friend, classmate or teacher or leader).  So we will have TWO judges.  I have two cups.  One of the judges will draw from one, the other judge from the other cup.  One cup has the class names in it.  The other cup has the song and verse that class will sing. 

So ONE class ends up singing ONE verse of one of the songs we have learned so far.  The judges then will critique them.  I will warn them to be nice...constructive criticism is good but being just rude is not okay.  The goal is to sort of get a friendly competition between classes going so that each class tries to out do another while perfecting our program songs. 

This will just be a quick and fun way to review the songs we have learned so far.

here is the link to the graphics:

Friday, April 5, 2013

Mother I Love You

So mother's day is coming up soon. 

I found this Utube video of the sign language for this.  It's super sweet. I plan on using this.  Usually we do two songs so I only plan to sing the first verse of this song and then sing another song.

I love the ending of this where they just hold up the I LOVE YOU SIGN.  I think it will be really touching. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sing It Backwards

My senior kids love to be challenged.  I was scouring the primary song book for a song that you can truly sing backwards.  And well, DO AS I AM DOING works.  I did this with them on Sunday and they thought it was hilarious and they usually think wiggle songs are lame. 

I did write the lyrics on a poster for them because it's hard to think in your head how to sing this.

Me follow, follow, doing I'm as do....

Mother's Day Corsages

So I found these flowers at Dollar Tree.  They come with a little vase.  I had this notion, that this could be used two different ways and if you can't find these exact products, you can always make them with cardstock or other household supplies.

First:  The kids could arrange a bouquet of flowers by picking these flowers and putting them in the vase OR I bought another set and made them into corsages.  I just clipped the wire steam off and hot glued a piece of elastic to it.  How this would work is that the corsages will be in a basket.  The helper picks a corsage.  Each corsage has a card color coordinated to it that has a question on it.  So they answer the question which has a mom song to go with it.  Then the helper chooses a sister/mom teacher in the room to give the corsage to.  Our primary has predominately female teachers and so I know this will work in my midst.  I thought it would be kinda sweet to see how they picked, a teacher, the pianist...a member of the primary presidency?

What is the yummiest thing your mom makes?  Sing MOTHER DEAR
What is your favorite story that your mom reads to you or used to read to you?  Sing MOTHER TELL ME A STORY
How do you show your Mom that you love her?  Sing LOVE IS SPOKEN HERE
What is your Mom really good at?  Sing MOTHER I LOVE YOU
How do you help your Mom?  Sing QUICKLY I'LL OBEY
Does you Mom have a nick-name she calls you?  Sing DEAREST NAMES
Do you know what your mom's favorite flower is?  SING I OFTEN GO WALKING

Flower Bouqet

I found these cute little flower picks on Easter clearance.  Dollar Tree has stuff like this as well.  Anyway, I just filled a little tin pot with dirt and stuck them into it.  Pretty cute.  I figure the kids can either plant the flowers or pick them.  The flowers can have anything attached to them, different songs, lyrics to songs you are learning (have them guess what verse it comes from) or it can also just have suggested way to sing a song (like loud, soft, hum, oooo, ect).  I think this will be useful to me over the spring.

I also found these sparkly foam shapes on clearance.  Currently I am using them on my entry table in a candy jar for spring decoration, but I thought they'd make super cute magnets and somehow I could use them in primary...they could have songs behind them or clues to a game.  They could be hidden and we could make a design on them on the chalk board.  Could be useful.  I highly suggest shopping Easter clearance this month at Dollar Tree/Wal Mart!

Think Spring - quarterly song program song review

I had a fun little excursion to The Dollar Tree this week.  They just have the most random, cute and CHEAP things.  A lot of their merchandise is FLOWERS right now.  So I bought some of everything knowing I could morph it into singing times.  Here's idea one!  April is a very bizarre month for me with General Conference and Stake Conference looming.  I therefore only have Sundays this month with the kiddos.  UGH.  Anyway, I thought I'd do a review of the first 3 songs we have learned for part of one of those Sundays.  These flowers came from the Dollar Tree.  I just glued the base to a poster.  We will sing and if they sing well, the flower will grow.  We will see if we can make our primary-garden bloom. I did something similar in January with melting the snowman and I was astounded how much the juniors got into this...singing their hearts out to make Frosty melt.  I have hopes they will do the same to make the flowers grow.  I have just taped the songs on the center of the flower so I can interchange them and use this again if I so chose.  Behind the flower is taped as well but there is a plastic loop on the top.  So I will hold the poster and dislodge the bloom and hold it by the loop as the kids sing and just pull it up if they do well or leave it where it is if they don't.  Once the song is done, I will stick to whatever height they got it to.  Hopefully it will be to the top!