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Monday, August 27, 2012

Back Pack, Back Pack!

Back to School.  Well...I have seen this idea posted several places.  This cute drawing is my sister's design.  Most of the posts show a real backpack, but there is something about thse fun poster props that I just love.  The front pocket of this thing opens to shove the items in or pull them out?

This obviously can be done a variety of ways.  The items could just have songs on the back.  Some could have questions, like who is your favorite teacher, your favorite thing about school, ect...  I like to include FUN TO DO and IT'S AUTUMN TIME, LEAVES ARE FALLING ALL AROUND.  But it could have program songs on it.  Skies the limit.

I did just see how the item represent certain things which is clever.  This is handy when reviewing for a program.  For instance:

An Eraser:  Erase a word from a program song, like CHOOSE in the CHOOSE THE RIGHT
A Calculator:  Calculate how many times you sing JESUS in, I'M TRYING TO BE LIKE JESUS
Ruler:  Who "rules" in singing this, divide the group into two sides and have them compete
Glue:  Glue legs together, arms to the side and sing super reverently
Markers:  Hold up different colors at a time, they have to stand if they are wearing that particular color (use with a less reverent type of song)
Pencils:  WRITE your favorite program song...could use pencil to lead the children in singing
Scissors:  CHOPPY = staccato 
Sharpener:  Sharpen the words of a song that needs practice

I love back to school!

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