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Monday, August 27, 2012

Last Summer Hurrah

Well, it is always amazing how fast summer zooms by.  There have been such few numbers in primary, it's hardly worth even teaching anything.  I was getting a little lazy and did a bag full of "beach" items and I had the kids help me get ready for the beach.  The props were on the ridiculous side, which is the point.  The kids thought it was really funny.

1)  sun screen...yes, I put goopey sunscreen on my face
2) big crazy wig...beach hair
3) grass skirt...every outing to the beach needs one of those
4) a flower necklace.... very Hawaiian
5) a big straw hat.... chic!
6) shades...because it's cool

A member of the bishopric saw me in my get-up and actually took a picture of me on his phone.  GAH.  I hope that isn't posted as a MOST WANTED photo!

I picked fun/summer songs to go with this activity, but it could be used as a song review as well.

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