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Monday, September 23, 2013

Writing the Lyric

So I was pondering my last post and that song, OH WHAT DO YOU DO IN THE AUTUMN TIME WHEN ALL THE WORLD IS CHANGED.

I was thinking I wanted to put a spin on this song and make it more interesting.  First I will present the song as it is written, found in this link:  We will sing it with the handy-dandy flip book pages.

Then I thought it would be fun to get feedback from the kids.  What do they like to do in the Autumn time?  You ask for suggestions from the kids.  Chose someone to share and write it on the board.  Get a few examples of what they do in the autumn time and then try to put them in lyrics that rhyme

For example:  A child might say, play football, another might mention Halloween, or carve pumpkins or wear scarves or whatever.  So with the help of the kids, rewrite the song...

Do you play football games?
then ask, what would rhyme with that?

Or dance in the rain?

Carve pumpkins for night?
Wear costumes that fright?


You will have to help guide them in this, but with the help of their peers, I think you will end up cute lyrics. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Holy Smokes, it's almost October...some goofy fall songs

Wow, the weeks are flying by. I have been MIA.  My primary program is in 2 weeks and we have had practices in the chapel for 2 weeks now which means I haven't had to come up with any ideas to entertain the kids.  However, we are still adding to our singing chain each week and I am going to post a picture in a bit.  It is so long it is in two enormous garbage sacks.  The kids think it is so ridiculous and funny...and well, it is.  When the program is over, we are going to roll it out and measure just how long it goes. 

I was blog stalking like I do because I love gleaning ideas.  And I came across alternative lyrics to OH WHAT DO YOU DO IN THE SUMMER TIME.  If you have gone into my archives, you know one of my favorite things to do is mess with 'fun' songs in the primary song book by changing their lyrics. 

It is just about time to get out 5 LITTLE PUMPKINS (Popcorn Popping).  But this one is kinda cute, too.  OH WHAT DO YOU DO IN THE AUTUMN TIME  (check it out, even has visuals all ready to go for it).  When the program is over, I will be using this to celebrate autumn (which is my favorite season!)

Singing the apostle song might be a fun addition to getting ready for conference!