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Friday, July 26, 2013

Ticket To Ride

This week in honor of Pioneer Day, I felt it would be fun to do something FUN with the kids that had nothing to do with primary program preparation.  Thus I doubt I will do any primary program songs this week. I just want to PLAY.

I made these simple TICKETS to ride in the wagon (trek).  They are numbered 1-5.  I will hand them out randomly to the kids.  I am hoping there will be about even number of 1's, 2's, 3's, 4's, & 5's. 

So here is how this works:

We will be singing the song FUN TO DO:

I will pick a number from a bowl.  Those who are holding a ticket with that number have to stand and come to the front of the room.  I will have a variety of hats, bonnets and bandanas and they have to put them on and then sing this simple song:

Here are the 5 ways you sing this song:

RIDING A WAGON IS FUN TO DO (mimic riding in a bumpy fashion)
FORGING A RIVER IS FUN TO DO (long stationary strides with arms moving back and forth)
MILKING A COW IS FUN TO DO (mimic milking actions)
WALKING TO ZION IS FUN TO DO (walking stationary in slow mo)

When each group is finished with their task (they have to do it well by the way even if the older ones find it humiliating), and if they do it well, get a treat: the promised land (candy).  So everyone ends up with a treat in the end!

This should move quickly because this particular song is super short.  So of course we will end singing collectively all our favorite pioneer children's songs, TO BE A PIONEER, HAND CART, PIONEER CHILDREN, OXEN, ect.