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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Singing Cards

I was digging in someone else's blog and came across these.  Super cute.  There are TEN of them.  You can access them on  I printed and laminated them and will use them to spice up singing this coming month.  I love the things I find on other blogs.

Update:  I did this last week and it was a big hit.  Along with the actions to these cards, I had a prop to go with them so the helper got to lead the actions and wear something!

We sang this to the tune of FUN TO DO

Gingerbread Man- RUNNING AWAY IS FUN TO DO -cookie sheet and wooden spoon (use like a drum)
Candy Cane - TWISTING AROUND IS FUN TO DO - hold a large candy cane (like a yard decoration)
Ornament - no prop - ROLLING OUR HANDS IS FUN TO DO
Tree- SWAYING OUR ARMS IS FUN TO DO hands like tree branches (two short pieces of garland)
Santa - SANTA HAT - LAUGHING LIKE SANTA IS FUN TO DO stick out belly and pretend to laugh, using HO HO HO in song
Angel- FLY/FLOAT ALONG IS FUN TO DO action - crown or wings
Nutcracker- MARCHING ALONG IS FUN TO DO - toy sword
Snowman - MELTING AWAY IS FUN TO DO- hat scarf
Snowflake - TWIRLING AND & SWIRLING IS FUN TO DO with snowflake at the end
reindeer- PRANCING AROUND IS FUN TO DO - antler head band ($Store item)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Nativity

Assemble the Nativity...  Pretty straight forward.  Imagines were just off the net, copied, colored and laminated. I drew the stable scene on white poster board.  Again, the pices could be used with hot/cold, or taken out of a present box or whatever.  Christmas songs would be on the back.

gingerbread people

So this idea is again from my sister.  I copied her original poster.  You draw a boy and girl gingerbread person but without a face on white posterboard.  Then you can put the eyes, nose and mouth, bow (bow tie or bow in girl's hair).  Pick pieces out and assemble, songs are on the back.  Fun for juniors!

Symbols Of ChristmasCross Word

So this is a twist on the symbols of Christmas for the older kids.  I put the symbols in this crossword.  Ask for a helper, they can pick any clue and try to get it.  I will have this on an easel with a marker and we will just fill in the blanks and sing songs that coordinate with the answers when they get the answer right.  I just did this on newprint and it's a throw away.  They seem to like challenges like this.

Let It Snow...

So it's time to bring back SNOWFLAKES FALLING RIGHT UP TO MY KNEE.  If you liked 5 Little Pumpkins, you will like this one.  Look back into the January posts to get the lyrics.  They are cute!  I sing this with the kids all through winter.

Snowball fight... This is for the seniors.  Hand out half sheets of white paper and and a pencil for each class.  Have them write their favorite song.  Have them crumple it and on the count of 3 they throw their 'snowball' at you.  This gets a little crazy but they like it. I only do this a couple of time and then we move on.  But you can pick up as many balls as you want and sing the songs listed.

The Symbols Of Christmas

There are so many ways you can do the symbols of Christmas with singing time.  Each year I do this but try to do something different with it.  I made my symbols long ago, but I found some no tipjunkie, see link below.  There are alot of patterns out there on the net for this if you want to make your own set.

The first is a little tree with the symbols made as ornaments.  I just printed these, colored them and laminated them and put a real ornament hook on them.  The kids pick an ornament and try to explain what they think the symbol means and then there is a song to go with it.

The second picture:  I took the small images and morphed them into bigger images by free handing them on some card stock and laminating them.  These have scriptural you read the scripture and see if the kids can match it to the symbol.  Once the match is made, you sing the coordinating song.

The Bow:  We should all be tied together in the bonds of goodwill.  Bows are found on presents that we give to people and remind us to be giving.  Romans 12:10 (Love One Another)
The Candle:  A mirrors of starlight reflecting our our thanks to the star of Bethlehem.  Long ago it was place on tress to symbolize the stars.  It can also symbolize Christ, the light of the world.  Proverbs 20:27 (Nativity Song)
The Star:  God promised us a Savior for the world, Jesus.  It was a sign the promised was fulfilled  3 Nephi 1:21 (Stars Were Gleaming)
The Tree:  It's evergreen.  Reminds us that we will live forever with Jesus. Alma 18:30  (The Nativity Song)
The Candy Cane:  Represents the Shepherd's crook.  Be our brother's keeper.  Also the Red represent the blood of Christ, the white represents the atonement.  Isaiah 40:11 (We'll Bring The World His Truth)
The Holly Berry:  The blood of Jesus' sacrifice  3 Nephi 18:11 (He Sent His Son)
The Wreath:  It's round with not beginning or end, it reminds us of the eternal nature of things and our Savior's never ending love for us.  Moroni 8:17 (I Feel My Savior's love)
The Bell:  Lost sheep are found by the sound of the bell.  It reminds us we are all precious to the Lord and He will guide us home.  Moroni 26:21 (song:  Christmas Bells Are Ringing)

The symbols could be hidden, hot and cold, put in a bag and picked out or they could even be made into a concentration or jeopardy game.  The possibilities are endless!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Follow The Prophet Goes Christmas Style

Years ago I got new lyrics to the song, Follow The Prophet, for the holiday season.  The kids always seem to sing this song with gusto and so I think it's pretty cute.

Verse 1:  Jospeh asked the man if he would let them in
But his answer came:  NO ROOM AT THE INN
They went to the stables where the cattle lay
The son of God was born in a manger full of hay.

Chorus:  Jesus is born, Jesus is born, Jesus is born in Bethlehem
Jesus is born, Jesus is born, Jesus is born, the Savior of men.

Verse 2:  Shepherds saw the star and they were 'sore afraid
They wanted to see just where the baby laid
Wise men rode their camels, followed that bright star
carried gifts for Jesus, brought from a far

Sing chorus again.

I always do lyrics on my news print pad as it's hard to teach songs that we only sing for a few weeks and then ditch.  So I will provide the words for the kids to read (senior primary only).  Part of a singing time would be writing a verse 3.  Get the kids input.  See if you can continue the story.  You could do a verse about the herald angels.  Write in primary using the chalk board or a posterboard. newsprint tablet....and then sing it.

This idea belongs to Mindy Smith...whomever she is, she is clever. THANK YOU!