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Monday, August 27, 2012

Primary Grammys

So this is one of my favorite ideas of my sister's.  This can be used over and over.  In fact, my sister said she did this often because the kids begged for it.  So I have these award envelopes.  The inside is something that is just taped inside, can be torn out and replaced with new songs. 

Here is how this works.  At the beginning of singing time, you hand one envelope or two out to each class with a pencil.  Together as a class, they read the inside and vote and seal it and give it back.  I then collect the envelopes when the voting is done.  Then the pianist gives a fake drum roll and we annouce the winners.  We have to sing the winning song.  Now the winner of the categories could end up being the same song or different.  Just depends how the voting goes.  Here are the categories:

Most OVERSUNG program song:  list primary program songs, class circles. 
Favorite program song:  Again, this could be the same as the most oversung song
Least Favorite Song:  Can I vote...I have a few.  HA HA!
The Song We Sing The Best
The Song we Know the Least and sing the Worst
****  Bonus Category:  Favorite Silly Song...I gave them a list of silly songs to choose from like POPCORN, WISE MAN, ect...

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