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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Going Fishing - Returning to a classic!

Well going fishing has been used a million times.  I decided to use this because I have this goofy kids game that made it so easy.  It is a FISHER PRICE fish game.  In this game there are 3 fish that have bum things on them:  an anchor, an old tire, and an old boot.  You don't want to fish those out but I think the kids will find it amusing if they fish one of these things out instead of a song.  On the rest of the fish, I put songs.  I just attached a sign to the front so you can see that I actually help the kids fish something out.  The pole has a little suction.  I am using this to review.  There are different ways to sing some of our program songs annd such. I hope the kids find this fun.  This was super easy to coloring this week.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Prophet Said To Plant a Garden

I cannot take credit for the cleverness of these seed packets.  This is my sister, Kirstin's, creation.  But what to do with the packets?  So I put them on sticks and stuck them in a pot.  Spring is the time to plant a garden. I was thinking it would be fun to introduce the song THE PROPHET SAID TO PLANT A GARDEN (pg 237).  I am going to have the words on a simple poster.  We will sing this prior to playing so the kids can hear how cute this song is and think about why we plant garden even though Wal Mart is down the road.  The seed packets are of vegetables and on the back is a riddle with clues to a song.  To play this game, it is similar to the game PASSWORD.  You give one clue at a time and see if the kids can get the song using the least amount of clues.

Your choice of song ( no riddle)
(high, low, show, follow =  Do As I Am Doing)
(food, trees, pop = poppcorn popping)
CARROT PACKET:  If you Carrot-all to sing
(book, sacred, prohets, actions = Book Of Mormon Stories)
CORN PACKET:  Corn you sing?
(yellow like corn, up in the sky, shaped like a circle, shines for Him = Sunbeam)
TURNIP PACKET:  Glad You Could Turnip To Sing
(body, 4 parts, head, toes = Head Shoulder Knees, Toes)

Of course you can make the clues harder depending on your audience and you can pick any songs you want.  I am celebrating spring and chosing songs to do with the season mostly.  I always do the song of the month and article of faith prior to the games and so I feel the songs in the game can be fun ones as we do our serious singing when practicing those other songs! 

The Early Bird Springs Into Action

So this singing time idea is all about celebrating spring with ACTION songs (which the juniors love)...although I will say I subbed for the seniors a few weeks back and did one action song with them and they LOVED it, so much they started requesting all their favs.  So this could be used for the big kids, too!

  So this is a poster with a spring scene on it.  The scene provides places to stick birds: in a tree, in the birdhouses, on the ground.  The kids will pick a bird (you can hide the birds or have them in a basket or tape them to the chalkboard, ect.  On the back of the birds are all songs having to do with nature and spring...and they all have actions.  This is a chance to sing some of these sweet little songs that we never get to.  Some of these songs may be totally foreign to your primary children, but I think if you have the pianist play it through and show them the actions, they will pick it up, and because they are not program songs, they don't have to be perfect...this is just more about having fun and singing some oldies but goodies!

Sun Is Shining (goes to the tune of Rain is Falling) Use hands in the the air to create a sun
Happy Song ( I posted the actions of this son in a previous blog)
The World Is So Big (even if your kids don't know this, it's easy to get with some made up actions...just do stuff that goes with the words, like making a circle with your arms for ROUND, ect)
In The Leafy Treetops (make your arms form trees, mimic bird, simple actions to go with the words see, sun, they must tell everyone, look to you neighbor, ect)
Bird In A Tree (such a sweet little song, form hands into a nest, count 1-2-3 with fingers, mimic flying of the bird, ect)
Popcorn Popping

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Choose And Review - Primary Spring Training (baseball)

I am by no means a baseball fan, but you can not ignore the fact that spring training is going on and that baseball season will soon start and be huge for so many people.  So I found these little mits and balls.  Of course the balls go to gloves.  With 4 months under our belts, I felt it was time to choose and review.  So how these work...  The mit will have song titles on them, mainly of the NEW songs we have started to learn from January, which will include the article of faith songs we have sung.  So that amounts to 8 songs to date.  The balls, will have word phrases on them.  So the mits will be lined up on ones side of the chalf board (magnet on back) and then there will be many balls with song phrases on the back...more than you have mits.  And the helper will chose a phrase (for the juniors, you can read a phrases to them until they hear one they recognized and they want to pick or if they don't know they can guess)  For instance... "in its light - - -!"  The kids would know that ball goes to the CHOOSE THE RIGHT mit.  And after you make a homerun and connect them, you either sing the verse of that song that the phrase came from or the entire song or phrase of the song you picked, depending on the time you. 

I hope this is a fun way to review the songs we have worked so hard to learn.

Hats Off To Mother

Again, I cannot take credit for this.  I love this idea.  So sweet.  And for those of you like me, who are rather OCD, and plan is such a fun idea for mother's day.  It has to do with all the different "hats" moms where.  So the poster is put on the chalk board.  And you ask a helper to come up and pick a hat.  They have to tell the primary why they picked that hat, why it's important to them in regards to all their mother does for them.  The hats are as follows:

the nurse cap - my mother takes care of me when I am sick
the Taxi cap - my mother shuttles me around everywhere
the crown - my mother is a queen because...
the baker hat - my mother makes the BEST....
the detective hat - my mother is really good at finding things that are lost/or finding the truth
the maid hat - my mother keeps our house clean and makes sure my clothes are clean, too
the frilly hat - my mother is beautiful because...

On the back of these hats are songs having to do with family or mothers:

Love Spoken Here
The Family
Mother I Love You
I Often Go Walking
Mother Dear
Happy Family
Happy & You Know
Families Can Be Together

I have one coming up for Dad's, too (Family TIES that involves ties - stay tuned)