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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Turkey Target

I have been thinking of things to do this month that are different than what I did last year themed around Thanksgiving.  I was fooling around with the previous post and my son's NERF guns and decided the kids would probably love a singing time with the NERF alone.  Maybe you have a son who has a NERF gun, if you do, this might be an idea for you!

What about a Turkey Target, print this out and put it on the chalk board and let the children have target practice.  This could be fun.  Each helper would get a turn and then you can sing a song with after each attempt...if they get a bull's eye, then the helper could choose the song or they could choose a class to sing it or teachers only or something silly or different.  Here is the link to the target:

Or you can make your own. 

Free Turkey Target

Turkey Shoot- new spin on an old idea

Sometimes I hate repeating ideas. I have been at this job long enough that when seasons rolls around and around, I get the same old tired games out.  It's times like these that I try to think of ways to reinvent those games or ideas and make them fresh.

So last year, I did post my Turkey Bowl idea.  The is a template for these balloon turkeys (sorry mine from my previous post is horrible) are found at this creative gal's blog.

So I have used these turkeys a lot of was designed as a bowling game, which is totally fun but I have played it with the kids this way before and wanted to reinvent it.  And here is how:

I was thinking about a TURKEY SHOOT.  I have 6 turkey cards to the helper can choose from. 

Each card has a direction on one side and a song on the back:

1)  Toss the Turkey - toss a ring around a turkey (so you just set one of these little balloon turkeys out and see if the helper can get the ring around it.  Give them several attempts!  Whether they can get the ring around the turkey or not, you sing the song on the back.  SONG:  HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A TURKEY
2)  Pumpkin Roll- much like bowling but you use a mini pumpkin.  Just set up one of these balloon turkeys on the floor and have the child see if they knock it down by rolling a pumpkin at it.  Song:  TURKEY DINNER
3)SHOOT IT-  Nerf gun...have the child see if they can shoot it with the Nerf gun.  (I suspect this one will be popular)  Song: COUNT YOUR BLESSING, just the chorus.
4)  GET A STRIKE- so set up the balloon in a bowling formation and do one round to see if the helper can get a strike.  SONG:  My HEAVENLY FATHER LOVES ME
5)  Pop Goes The Turkey-  have the helper come up and pop the turkey with a pin.  SONG:  CHILDREN ALL OVER THE WORLD.
6)  YOU'RE A TURKEY-  Free Choice:  whatever they want and out of all the options of a strike, a pumpkin roll, a pop or a Nerf shot, they can choose which method they want to shoot the turkey.  Then they get to pick the song as well.

This is just a way to spice of the old version of this game.  I think it will be fun because we are doing something different with every turn.  If you don't want to make these balloon turkeys you could come up with your own target and use that instead. I have these made which is why I am using them.  Saves me a headache but I would imagine anything would work!