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Friday, August 30, 2013

Minute to Win It Program Review

What to do for the endless reviewing of primary program songs (especially with the seniors)????

Well I saw this one post on MINUTE TO WIN IT.  I think kids like challenges.  I think it can be morphed into a review.  And here is how: (you will need a stop watch)

So you have 5-6 challenges.  Have a bucket with slips of paper in it that have the class names.  Choose a reverent child to select a slip.  Whatever class they pick, get to come and do the challenge.  Some challenges can involve the whole class, but if it does not, then the class will select a representative to do the challenge for their class.  IF, IF, IF,  their class does the challenge in a MINUTE, then they can choose which program song and who sings it...and if they don't, then their class has to sing it. 

You can design your challenges to be specific to the needs of your primary.  But here is what I came up with.

1)  cup stacking (stack the tallest tower you can in a minute without it falling over)
2)  bubble gum blowing (blow at least 10 bubbles in a minute- you can use multiple people for this)
3)  Hula Hooping (keep the hula hoop going around your hips for at least a minute - you can involve multiple people on this)
4)  Hold your Breath (how long can you hold your breath...a minute or longer????
5) Write out the chorus of I AM A CHILD OF GOD on the chalk board
6) Read the lyrics to Latter-Day Prophets backwards (I will have a sheet to read) at least twice!

You can get creative here. I may think of a few more, too.  Could be fun (& wild!)

Singing Spray - primary program reivew

I know this idea has been around for ages...oddly enough I have never tried it until now.  But it works!!!  And more importantly, it is a snap to prepare and easy to produce!   Plus, it's a perfect thing to have during primary program review.  The kids love it.  I made the label quick and easy using free clip art and typing a title. I know some people go computer fancy but I do things super quickly 'cause I have ADD and really have zero patience to create things on Photoshop or what not.  So really, it took me 5 minutes to make.  You can fill the bottle with whatever you want but make it good.  You want the kids to WANT it.  Spray an amount in their mouths when you notice particular kids singing really well or trying.
I have been doing alot of this sort of thing as I am reviewing.  Get out your magic wands and feather dusters.  This works so well especially with the younger kids.  They wanted to be 'dusted', 'sprayed' or tapped with a magic wand and they will sing their hearts out to get it. 
Good luck to all of you who are reviewing.  It can be oh so tedious.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Singing Chain and some other Random Things

So I have been blog stalking lately.  Lately I have been MIA for a few reasons: end of summer trips and stake conference.  But my program is the 29th of September so I am trying to hanker down and get busy.  Time to get serious here.  Sigh!

Have you ever heard of the blog, Sunbeam Singing?  If you haven't I highly recommend going there.  This gal has a gift for the computer and some fun printable stuff.  She currently has a very cute back to school idea posted if any of you are looking for something to do in honor of that.

In my blog searching I came across and idea about a music chain?  I sort of adapted it for me, using her idea of the chain but for a different purpose.  This Sunday I am going to introduce a bucket of paper strips...cut to 1 inch width and 6 inches long in a variety of colors, regular paper, construction paper...any scraps I have.

Now that we are in full review mode, I was thinking it might be fun to make a chain that would circle the room or maybe even make it all the way down the hall to the bishop's office.  But the kiddos have to earn links by singing the program songs well.  And I am going go make the presidency decide how many links they earn each song they sing...the better they sing, the more links.  Or I have passed out stripes to individual classes and given teachers pens.  Each teacher listens to their class, if they feel they have earned links, they write why on the paper strip and give it to me and we will make it grow and grow as they sing well. 

It will probably entail a massive amount of paper but I am hoping the kids will be excited to see how the chain grow and each Sunday over the next 4 weeks, we will lay it out and see how far it goes...using a stapler to add links with every song we sing.  Hopefully by the 29th, it will go around the room or further and they will get a treat!