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Monday, May 28, 2012

Nephi's Courage

Welll May has been insane.  I haven't had any time to really do much except survive.  But it's almost June and I saw this on a blog and thought it was adorable.  A gal had created signs for the first verse of Nephi's Courage.  Since that is the song for June, I think I will definitely sing it with the juniors this way and I have been busy thinking of actions for the 2nd and 3rd verse.  This song is ADORABLE.  I think the kids will really get into it.

First Verse
The Lord commanded Nephi (raise hands upward towards heaven)
To Go and Get The plates (form hands into a book position to signify the plates)
From the wicked Laban (make a scowl and use fists up by eyebrows to make a mean face)
Inside the city gates (hands together, finger tips touching, then open to signify the gate opening)
Lamen and Lemuel (hold out one arm to the left and then the other the right)
Were both afraid to try (put fingers on lips to make a nervous look)
Nephis was courageous (put both arms in flexing position, 90 degree angle)
This was his reply....
I will go, I will do (take right hand in fist position and first pound the left side of your chest over the heart and then extend the same arm forward into the sky as you say "DO")
The things the Lord commands (raise hands upward towards heaven)
I know the Lord provides a way (take right hand and extend it forward and point to signify the "way")
He wants us to obey, fold arm and bow head

Second Verse
The Lord commanded Nephi (raise hands upward towards heaven)
To go and build a boat (use both arms and hand to create a cradle position and rock)
Nephi's older brother's said it would not float (use pointer finger to point and then use both thumbs and point them down when you sing the "float" part)
Laughing and mocking, they said he should not try (mimic laughing and mocking and then use pointer finger again to point)
Nephi was courageous, this was his reply (put both arms into flexing position)
Use same actions above for chorus twice

Third Verse
The Lord gave us commandments (raise hand upward towards heaven and then create the book position again to signify commandments (book of Mormon) )
And asks us to obey (Hold right hand out as an invitiation)
Sometimes I am tempted (use thumb to point to yourself)
To Choose another way (use right hand to point off to the ride side)
When I'm discourage (make sad face and point to yourself)
And think I cannot try (shake head back and forth signifying "NO")
I will be courageous (arms in flexing position)
And I will reply....
Use same actions above for chrous twice.

I will introduce the song by showing a picture of Nephi and asking the children what his "catch phrase is".

What does Nephi say when asked to get the plates?
What does Nephi say when asked to build a boat?
What does Nephi teach us to say by his example so we can reply when asked to do hard things?

I think this will be super fun and get the kids jazzed about singing this song and making Nephi one of their heroes!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Song for May - When I Am Baptized CS p. 103

So this month I drew word posters and I just left blanks and then I got clip art to fill in the blanks. I will have the children sing the song first cold, with no poster.  Then I put the poster up with the blanks.  And then we will have to fill in the will have to hunt for the symbol that goes into the lyrics.  I hope this is fun.  This idea could be used on any song.

Primary Dice

So this idea is as old as primary is most likely.  But I didn't own primary dice, so I made on out a box I had, covered it with paper and just printed out clip art pages to decorate it.  I think this will come in handy when I have down time or we want to jazz singing time up and not sing songs just straight!